Artistic Association "Iranian Sculptors"

Articles of Association of the Cultural and Artistic Association "Iranian Sculptors"

 In the name of God Almighty, with the motive of raising the level of knowledge and uplifting the original Iranian and Islamic art and raising the level of awareness and artistic insight of members and strengthening the spirit of study and creativity of sculptors, based on cultural goals stipulated in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The provisions of the national issue and the cultural criteria governing the establishment of cultural and artistic institutions and centers shall be formed in accordance with the specifications and conditions provided in this statute of the Cultural and Artistic Institute.

 Chapter One - Generalities and Objectives

Article 1- Name: The Cultural and Artistic Association of Iranian Sculptors is called the Association in this statute.

 Article 2 - The goals and subject of the association are as follows:

1- Improving the qualitative and quantitative level of knowledge, knowledge and insight of members as a result of sculpture.

2- Providing the means for all-round participation and gathering of sculptors in order to promote and expand the art of sculpture as a cultural and artistic institution in Iranian civil society, as well as providing suitable opportunities for the growth of the sculptors' creativity.

3- Identifying and recognizing the brilliant talents in various fields of sculpture and creating the attraction of research and exploration in order to flourish the spirit of initiative and follow-up.

4 - Organizing gatherings, meetings and art festivals for discussion and exchange of views and recognition and recognition and introduction of the works of sculptors and honoring the servants and creators of such works.

5- Encouraging members to play a key role in the sculpture of the country and active participation in solving the basic problems of sculpture and providing the necessary advice to public and private authorities and establishing independent communication and coordination with them regarding the growth and development of art Sculpture.

6- Trying to create educational facilities in order to raise the level of artistic and technical awareness of the members and strengthen the spirit of study and creativity in the field of sculpture.

7- Organizing short-term free art courses in the field of sculpture in various dimensions.

8- Holding art competitions related to sculpture and organizing an exhibition of artists' works, preparing, collecting, printing, writing books, pamphlets and articles in the field of sculpture with the necessary permission.

9- Defending the legal, cultural and artistic rights of the members in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

10- Providing welfare facilities for members, researching and studying about problems, and preparing and compiling cultural and artistic plans and programs, and providing constructive and practical suggestions to those involved in art affairs.

- Supporting the valuable and innovative movements of today's Iranian sculpture and establishing exchanges and talks between Iranian and world sculptors, as well as establishing relations with similar associations and cultural and artistic associations inside and outside the country.


Article 3 - The type of association formed for cultural purposes and non-commercial purposes is non-union, non-profit and non-political, which is formed with the approval of the founding assembly and after the issuance of a license and is formalized from the date of registration and has legal personality.


Article 4 - The duration of the association is unlimited from the date of its formation and recognition.


Article 5 - Citizenship of the Association of the Islamic Republic.


Article 6- The main center and address of the association: Tehran, Taleghani St., North Bahar, corner of Kargar St., Building 203, 4th floor, No. 15.

The association can also have branches in the cities with the approval of the board of directors.

Note: Any change in the main center and address of the association, as well as the establishment of a branch or representative office or their closure with prior notice and approval of the Secretary of the Board of the Board of Cultural Centers is unrestricted.

Article 7- In order to achieve the goals and subject of cultural and artistic activities provided in the articles of association of the association, by observing the relevant regulations regarding the preparation and financing of the association and raising the level of efficiency and capabilities with natural and legal persons, partnership and capital And conclude a contract and carry out authorized transactions.


Article 8- All activities and actions of the Association must be carried out within the framework of the laws and regulations of the country and cultural policies approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and in coordination with the cultural and artistic programs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


Article 9- Any change in the subject of the activity and goals of the association must be done before registering the changes with the notification and approval of the Secretariat of the Board of Cultural Centers.


Article 10- The Association can apply for the admission of a new member by observing the rules and regulations governing the formation of institutions, centers and cultural and artistic associations approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution with the following conditions and criteria.

A- The conditions for membership of individuals in the association are as follows:

Citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Be at least 20 years old.
Accept commitment to implement the provisions of this statute.
Regular entrance fee and membership fee.
Lack of criminal record that results in deprivation of social rights.
Complete the application form for membership in the association.
B- The criteria for membership in the association are as follows:

Holders of a bachelor's degree or higher in sculpture.
Holders of a bachelor's degree or higher in the field of art by presenting 3 works of art (sculpture).
Sculpture teachers of universities and sculpture professors with a reputation in the sculpture level of the country.
Final year students of sculpture and holders of sculpture diploma by presenting 3 works of art (sculpture).
Each person by holding an exhibition in the field of sculpture by presenting 5 works of art (sculpture) or two admissions in sculpture biennials.
Note 1- The evaluation of the works of art and the acceptance of the members according to the above-mentioned terms and conditions will be the responsibility of the board of directors of the association.

Note 2- The qualifications of the new members of the association must be approved by the Secretariat of the Board for Supervising the Affairs of Cultural Centers.


Article 11- The conditions for suspension from membership or disqualification from membership are as follows:

Votes issued by the judicial authorities of the court

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